Donation Drop Offs

ReStore Donation Receipt.
(For your convenience you may fill this out  before your drop off your donation; please keep a copy for your records.)

OXNARD – Habitat for Humanity ReStore

121 S. Rice Avenue, Oxnard CA 93030
Donation drop off: Monday- Friday 9am – 4:30pm | Saturday-Sunday 8am – 3:30pm

SIMI VALLEY – Habitat for Humanity ReStore

1293A E. Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley CA 93065
Donation drop off: 7 days a week, 10:00am – 5:30pm

SIMI VALLEY – Landfill & Recycling Center
Look for the “Habitat for Humanity ReStore” Bin

For more information, call 805-981-2268 (Oxnard) or 805-520-7717( Simi Valley); or email

Items ACCEPTED at the ReStore

All items must be in working order, clean and in re-sale condition!

  • APPLIANCES (except dishwashers and plumbed-in*) – Clean, in good working condition; less than ten years old.
  • BRICKS – Dirt-free, no cracked or broken pieces; palletized on a flat, hard surface.
  • CABINETS/COUNTER TOPS – Complete and free of rot and termite damage. Cabinet doors and drawers must be in good condition.
  • CARPET – Must be NEW and ROLLED.
  • DRYWALL – Full or half sheets only with no water marks.
  • DOORS – Must be in very good condition; free of rot, cracks, termite damage. All hardware must be removed.
  • ELECTRICAL – Electrical parts, lights, wire and associated hardware with electrical wiring; must be in good condition. Wire must be 5 feet or longer. Light fixtures must be in working order, clean and rust-free.
  • ELECTRONICS – computers, toner cartridges, monitors, printers, DVD players & VCRs, telephones, cables/wires, iPods, calculators, all small electronics, televisions, appliances, mobile phones, computers, and computer parts.  Click here for more information
  • FURNITURE – Hard surface or leather covered. Must be in good to excellent condition. No ripped, torn, stained or soiled upholstery material.
  • HARDWARE – We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. Must be in good condition with no paint or rust and NO MISSING PARTS.
  • LUMBER/PLYWOOD – Half sheets of plywood and larger. Lumber must be 4 feet or longer with no nails or screws.
  • METAL – Rust-free; no nails or screws. (If we can’t accept a metal item for sale we offer our donors the use of our metal recycling bin. All recycled metal must be brought to the store. We do NOT pick up metal recycle material.)
  • ROOFING – New shingles only. Clay tiles must be Spanish-style, “C” or “S”-shaped.
  • TILE – We accept vinyl, ceramic, slate and porcelain (of quantity). Should be separated by color/shape and in boxes when possible. NO VCT (asbestos-based tile).
  • WINDOWS –Double-pane ONLY. Frames must be in good condition; no rot or cracks. NO single pane/glazed glass.


Items NOT ACCEPTED at the ReStore

  • AIR CONDITIONING UNITS, “USED” (Unless NEW, air conditioners are considered a safety hazard)
  • APPLIANCES PLUMBED-IN (i.e., coffee makers)*
  • APPLIANCES, out of style. No out-of-style colors, e.g., avocado green, Harvest gold, Pink, aqua etc.). No Gas or electric older than 10 years – Safety Hazard. No Appliances not in good working order or dirty
  • BATH TUBS older than 10 years, dirty, rusted, or damaged
  • BRICKS or PAVERS that are dirty. (We accept only dirt-free materials and they must be delivered by the customer.)
  • CABINETS DOORS & DRAWERS in poor condition. (Must be in good to excellent condition.)
  • CARPETS or PADDING, unless new – Dust Mite issue
  • DOORS with hardware attached, broken, damaged or peeling paint
  • FOOD FREEZERS older than 10 years – Safety Issue
  • FURNACES – Safety Hazard-Unless New
  • MIRRORS/GLASS without frames or larger than 2 ft. ×2 ft. – Safety Issue
  • OIL or GAS containers – Safety Hazard
  • PAINT, unless new from a paint store – Lead Safety Issue
  • PIPES, FITTINGS AND FIXTURES* – that may provide water for human consumption
  • REFRIGERATORS older than 10 years – Safety Issue
  • METAL with rust or corrosion – Safety Issue. If we can’t accept a metal item for resale, we offer donors use of our metal recycling bin. All metal for recycling must be brought to the store. We do NOT pick up metal recycle material.
  • TOILETS larger than 1.6 flush, rusty, or dirty – Health Issue
  • WINDOW BLINDS old, dirty or rusty
  • WINDOWS, single-pane – Safety Issue. (We accept ONLY dual-pane windows in good condition.)
  •  WOOD with nails, screws, bugs or dirty


*Federal Law: As of January 4, 2014, Habitat for Humanity Affiliates cannot (i) install, (ii) sell, or (iii) resell “pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings or fixtures” that are not “lead free.”  The new definition of “lead free” requires that the product have less than 0.25% lead content based on a new statutory formula that factors the total number of components and the wetted surface area of each component.  Products subject to this law include: pipes, fittings, and fixtures that may provide water for human consumption (drinking, teeth brushing, food preparation).

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