We’d like to introduce you to some families who have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build or improve a place they can call home.

Some have lived in their homes for years, while others are just starting out. All have this in common: Their hard work and partnership with Habitat are helping them achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.


How Habitat Homes Change a Child's Life

Every child deserves a decent place to call home. Low-income families in Ventura County have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a place where their children can grow and thrive. Watch some of our Habitat kids, in their own words, explain how homeownership has changed their lives.

The Alfaro Family

Nora is a single mom to her two children, Riky and Madelyn. They're currently building their home in Port Hueneme. A Habitat Home will change their lives forever. 



Watch the dedication of our most recent completed project on Barry Street in Camarillo.


The Rodriguez Family

Like many young couples in Ventura County, Mayra and Jose have struggled to purchase a home for years. Both their families and their careers are in Ventura County, yet they weren't able to afford a house in the place they’ve always called home.


Medina Family

Deana and her daughter Saynt have been forced to move from place to place, and having to rent rooms and apartments in unsafe neighborhoods. Now she's beginning to build her own home in Port Hueneme.


The Kirlos Family

The Kirlos family has dreamed of owning a home for years, but they could never afford the high cost. They applied for a Habitat Ventura home and when they got the call, they said their dream was finally going to come true. Now, they're going to begin building their home in Port Hueneme and move in sometime next year. 


Laura and her Family

Laura has been working to save for a home for over 10 years! Homeownership has changed her and her son's life.


John's Home 

"This repair changed my life, I can't thank everyone enough. I can't even imagine having to shelter in place in my previous circumstances. Thank you Habitat," John, Habitat Home Repair Recipient.


The Morales/Castro Family

Roberto and Karina lived with their two young boys in one bedroom before Habitat changed their lives.


The Monreal Family

One of 6 families that moved into their new home in Oxnard in 2018, meet the Monreal Family; Lupe, Sergio and their three children...


The Arreola Family

Ricardo and Clara's eldest son Ulices is wheelchair-bound. Making accommodations to their home for Ulices, while being a top priority for their family, has proven to be a great financial challenge. Habitat was able to perform critical health and safety repairs on their home, which made Ulices's life easier and gave him more independence. 


Julian and his Family

Julian and his family would still be living in a garage if they hadn't found Habitat...


The Medina Couple

Louis and Gloria Medina have lived in their home in Oak Park for 30 years. They are approaching their 80s and over the last few years have found that with the rising cost of living, they couldn't afford the critical home repairs required by their HOA. 


The Guiza Family

Cesar and his family moved into their Habitat home just in time for Thanksgiving 2016. They describe their life change to us in this video, you don't want to miss it!


Blanca's Family

Blanca and her four daughters have been living in their Habitat home for over seven years. Before moving in, the family of five shared a one-bedroom apartment.



Home repairs changed Judy's Life

This lady smiling at us is Judy. She uses a wheelchair and lives with her mom, Rose, in Moorpark...



Maria and her big dreams

Ten years ago, Maria moved into a new Habitat for Humanity home in Piru with her parents and six brothers and sisters. "Building a Habitat home and working with Habitat was the start of many successes in my life and my family’s life," says Maria.


Benita's Home Preservation

At age 83, Benita could no longer tolerate the high temperatures during the summer and cold during the winter as her home in Moorpark lacked insulation.


Eva, Arnulfo and their children

Eva and Arnulfo, together with their three children were renting a home in Santa Paula that's unsafe and in a critical state of deterioration.

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